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Employee Spotlight Andrew Flynn

Employee Spotlight – Andrew Flynn

Name: Andrew Flynn
Role: Lead Developer on Enterpryze Business Engine (EBE).
Length of Service: 22 years 7 months+

Andrew has been an integral part of Enterpryze’s journey. Being the coding master, Andrew makes sure that Enterpryze stays powerful and is foreveral innovative for its customers.

We caught up with Andrew for a casual Q&A chat.

'Highlight of your career to date?'

Working on EBE – creating something from scratch & learning new technologies is very satisfying.

'Describe what you and your colleagues do at Enterpryze'

Write code to implement product features/create solutions to customer’s needs.

'In your opinion, what is the best thing that Enterpryze has to offer?'

Simplicity & innovation backed by very talented people.

'What do you like about working at Enterpryze?'

Open to listen, flexible. Enterpryze treat every staff well and make them feel important.

'What inspires you every day?'

A supportive Manager and team members. And also have bills to pay and mouths to feed!
Having goals also inspires me.

'What’s the best advice you can give to someone starting their career?'

Maintain a healthy work/life balance – you can have multiple careers, you only get one life.

'If you could learn any skill in 10 minutes - what would it be?'

To play the piano.

'When do you have the most fun at work?'

Coming up with solutions to challenging problems & collaborating with colleagues.

'Tell us something about you that we might not know?'

My best time to solve a speed cube is 28.78 seconds.

'What do you do in your free time?'

Indoor rowing, spending time with my kids, speed cubing, PC gaming.

'What are your top tips to stay happy & motivated?'

Regular exercise and have goals in life (no matter how small).

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