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Employee Spotlight – Archie Fielding ⭐

We are so very lucky to have such wonderful people in the Enterpryze Team. So much so, that we just want to show them off!

We caught up Enterpryze Consultant (And Expert!) Archie Fielding and asked him his favourite things about Enterpryze 😁



Archie Fielding


Technical Sales & Wholesale Consultant

Length of Service:

4 years, 9 months


Highlight of your career to date? 

Being one of the first to establish our presence in South East Asia is undoubtably the highlight of my career so far. From fully training all of UOB across 4 regions to helping establish our Asian offices has been incredibly rewarding, reflecting on our growth from just two employees here to nearly 30 in just 3 short years is outstanding to think about, especially with 1/3 of that time spent in a global pandemic!

Describe what you and your colleagues do at Enterpryze

I primarily work implementing and onboarding some of our larger customers with UOB’s Wholesale division. Day to day, I work with the SEA sales team – helping with some of the larger customers who may need an extra push to get them over the line.

In your opinion, what is the best thing that Enterpryze has to offer?

Product wise, one of the greatest aspects of Enterpryze is its ability to scale. There’s little else out there that gives the customer a system that can grow with them from 1 employee up to hundreds with new and more sophisticated features available as you go.

Why do YOU think Enterpryze is great?

This company has provided some truly exceptional opportunities & experiences. To be a part of a growing company who puts its faith in its employees is a wonderful opportunity.

What inspires you every day?

My colleagues never fail to brighten my day and provide motivation. This business is made up of great individuals who come together so seamlessly – I get a great level of drive from the willingness of all of my colleagues to support each other and will always try to offer the same in return.

What’s the best advice you can give to someone starting their career?

Keep yourself open to any and all opportunities. From public speaking to learning new skills to moving to a completely new country, being out of your comfort zone will provide the best experiences to grow.

If you could learn any skill in 10 minutes – what would it be?

I’d love to be able to play piano to any degree, really.

When do you have the most fun at work?

Interacting directly with our customer and partners. Something that has been a little more difficult given the current state of the world but I enjoy building associations over time be it implementing a customer or cementing our partner relationships for the future.

Tell us something about you that we might not know?

I once held first place in the world on the official Premier League Fantasy Football site. (Albeit only for 1 week!)

What do you do in your free time?

When the bars are closed, you’ll probably either find me cooking or playing video/board games.

What are your top tips to stay happy & motivated?

Cyclical short term targets that lead to a long term goal can be a great help for motivation in business or personal life – you have to take your baby steps to get to adulthood!

Thank you to Archie for your dedication & skills here at Enterpryze!

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