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Business Tips with Enterpryze – Businesses Need To Get Creative!

Welcome back to Enterpryze Business Power-Ups!

We continue to share strategic and useful small business tips so that we empower all you SMEs.

Let’s talk strategy. The world has been a bit “Topsy Turvy” as of late, and for obvious reasons….But SMEs continue to impress us each and everyday by staying strong and powering through. 

We have taken the time to compile some strategic moves business could be pursuing in 2021. We believe sharing is caring, so with that spend a few minutes to read through.

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Business Tip 1) Zig When Others Zag

It’s easy to “copy” the competition, it’s almost fool proof?! The hard work is done! You know what works! Although when you think about it, your customers are not going to come flocking to you if you have the same offering as everyone else…Most likely they will go with what they know (usually the big guns!) and you will get overlooked.

Think of ways that you and your small business can stand out. Is it a free coffee with your purchase? Or discounts for people with certain names on certain names? (Discounts for Derek’s!?) and so on! Your local supporters will remember you and love you for it.

Business Tip 2) Jump On The Latest Online Trends

Choo choo! All aboard the social media train!
Of course your on social media, who isn’t? And it’s obvious that this is where your customer base are. Sending funny memes to friends, learning dance moves for charity and overall reacting to entertaining content.
It’s easy to get caught up with promoting your business on social media, it’s a great way to share business updates, new products and services. But is your social media really speaking their language? Don’t be afraid to get involved with the latest trends to personify your small business and your local supporters rooting for you!

Business Tip 3) Embrace Your Branding

Small businesses are more likely to be relaxed and not focus as heavily on brand identity. We’re not just talking about business cards, brochures and websites. Of course these are important but we’re talking all touch points of your business.
From the moment your customers arrives till they leave, did they “experience” your brand? It could be as simple as providing a glass of water in a branded glass or a staff member in uniform, every touch point should be considered and asked “is this on brand for me?”
If you want to stand out from the crowd, then you need to identify your brand identity and spread it across your business.

How is your business staying creative?

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