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Welcoming January with Updates To Transactions, Shopify and Service Calls

With this brand new year comes fresh updates and a sleeker business management platform for every Enterpryze user.

Our roll of upgrades in January 2022 include the introduction of two new features that’ll ease your transaction processes, upgrades to the Service module and improvements to the Shopify integration.

Introducing Quick Actions in Sales and Purchasing Modules

You are now only a right-click away from managing any of your transactions.

Quick actions include the functionality to pay, cancel, edit, copy to, duplicate and download.

Very simply, when you’re on the grid view for transactions just right-click on any transaction to see a list of quick actions available.

Why we included this: Now, you can reduce the time and number of clicks to take action on transactions.

Go ahead and do this with ease directly from the grid view on a company/transaction without having to drill into the account or transaction details first.

See the New 'Copy from' Function in Sales

Save time when creating sales documents by pulling information from previous Sales Documents.

When adding a sales transaction – just click on the Copy From button which will open a new grid view displaying the open transactions and rows available in each transaction for that customer.

A new screen view appears with the available transactions to copy from.

For each transaction, it will display each line of the transaction.

All transactions listed are open transactions or any remaining open lines.

  • To select a transaction simply click on the box or use the Search box to find it,
  • Then tick each row that you want to create on the Invoice,
  • Selected items will appear on the right side of the screen.

When you are finished selecting your documents/item rows simply click on + Add Lines to add them to the Invoice details.

You can now complete your invoice as normal where you can manually add more lines, copy from existing transactions or simply save to add your final invoice.

Why we included this: This enables users to choose the type of transaction to copy from and to choose the relevant lines from the document.

This saves time searching for related documents for the customer to create documents from – as a list of documents and all details are provided on the Copy From screen.

Manage Supplier Service Calls Faster Than Before

You can now create service calls for your suppliers with all of the same functionality you have with customer service calls.

When adding a Service call the user can now select the BP type as Supplier and see a list of Suppliers to select from.

Just note that they cannot be assigned to a queue.

As with a Service call for Customers, the user will be able to link existing Purchase documents to the Service call after it has been added to Enterpryze.

They will also be able to create a Purchase Order from the Service call.

Why we included this: It’s much easier to track issues with items/services/repairs with their suppliers that directly impact what you supply to customers and ensure solutions are provided in a prompt manner.

This is in line with SAP B1 to use existing functionality introduced in version 9.2 of SAP to select a Supplier when adding a Service call.

Your Shopify Integration Just Got More Powerful

View customer names on each Enterpryze transaction

The current setting is to set a default Customer account in Enterpryze where all transactions get posted when integrated with Shopify.

With this improvement, the customer name that appears in Shopify will now get updated as the name on the Sales transaction in Enterpryze.

The user will now see the name of the customer changed on the Sales Order or Reserve Invoice as the name of the customer as added to Shopify.

The default customer code selected in settings will remain the same, all transactions will go to the same account as before.

One prerequisite is you have defined a default customer to get updated with all sales from Shopify in your Shopify settings in Enterpryze.

Now, when the sale gets updated from Shopify – it will now include the customer name added in Shopify at the time of the sale.

Why we included this: It improves the tracing from supply to customer through the eCommerce platform and enables end-users to find transactions quicker within Enterpryze.

Use Service documents seamlessly

This allows for the posting of Service transactions to simplify the Shopify integration further.

Once activated you will be able to assign Service documents to be posted to a default GL account in Enterpryze.

This will be assigned to all transactions coming from Shopify and there will be no stock postings.

There is a new setting option for the web shop. All you need to do is:

  • Click on Explore Addons and Services,
  • Double click on the Shopify icon,
  • Now click on Edit beside the shop location,
  • Then tick the box ‚ÄėCreate Service Documents‚Äô and enter the required default GL account to post the Service transactions to.

All sales now added through Shopify will only be added as a Service document in Enterpryze even if there are stock items present, there will be no stock postings.

This option can be enabled/disabled at any time by an admin user.

Watch this guide on all new January updates

Make sure to watch our short guide to these new features to catch everything that’s new in this release and to see a demonstration of how to use these features.

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