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The Road So Far: Enterpryze’s Journey in 2021

As we enter 2022, we’d like to reflect on some of the accomplishments, innovations and activities performed in the past year here at Enterpryze.

In the past 12 months – Enterpryze has expanded our team, grown our userbase and launched new projects and innovations.

Let’s dive in!

Growing a community of future-first businesses across the world


New companies onboarded in 2021


Users navigating Enterpryze everyday

The year saw close to 500 companies around the world make the shift to our cloud-based business management solution.

We’re delighted to see thousands of new users join our platform and hope to see it continue to grow in 2022.

Every new brand on Enterpryze is different and comes with unique preferences and habits of business.

That’s why we focused on enhancing every individual experience on the platform – which included optimizing Enterpryze for food and drink industries, retail, wholesale and distribution and services to name a few.

We keep our users in the loop with the latest features released throughout the year with in-app messaging, Help Centre articles and Academy videos.

Launching Enterpryze Engage for live and on-demand education


Visionary speakers


International partners


Virtual workshops


Attendees recorded

Speaking of communication, we launched Enterpryze Engage in 2021 to enrich how we communicate with our users new and old as well as create a place to demonstrate how Enterpryze works for anyone interested in our services.

It’s an engaging online learning platform with webinars hosted in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Dublin, and Bogota.

This allowed us to tailor the content to our audience with a local presenter at a suitable time for each region.

We hosted multiple webinars each month with our most popular being Automation Rising.

We introduced new automation for ultimate productivity

Our biggest update in 2021 brought a shift in how we think about Enterpryze.

Although Automation Rising was the name of one release, it represented the culmination of years of development and new features surrounding the concept of automation.

Now a complete automation experience can be felt in the platform which takes the complexity and time out of certain tasks in every process from Purchasing to Inventory Management to Sales, Finance Management and more.

To learn more about Automation Rising, check out a range of resources here.

Enterpryze goes back home to Dublin, Ireland

Enterpryze launched in Ireland on March 22nd with integrations from all leading Irish banks, ensuring that Irish companies can harness the latest financial data and be a better business!

Enterpryze rocket launched in 2008 when founder and CEO Morgan Browne founded Milner Browne, a SAP Partner specializing in SAP Business One Solutions in Ireland & UK.

The business soon became one of SAP’s leading partners in the global SME space and it was here that the idea of Enterpryze was born, the need for a solution that can support and scale all sizes of SME’s through one single software platform.

In 2015, Enterpryze began writing code in Ireland and Poland to support SAP Business One as an add-on for customers globally.

Quickly, Enterpryze was being recognised and acknowledged by the technology industry and was awarded the prestigious “SAP Pinnacle Award for Innovation” in 2018 and became a stand-alone solution providing Invoicing, Accounting & Business Management Solutions to SMEs.

2021 brought Enterpryze back home, giving power back to Irish businesses after a turbulent year.

With our best foot forward, Enterpryze will continue to launch worldwide – next stop USA!

We got laser-focused with expanding the Enterpryze team worldwide

Enterpryze is growing faster than ever.

We’ve increased our efforts to help more SMEs across countries like Ireland, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Colombia, and more to improve their business processes and systems every day.

With offices in more than 9 countries, as well as customers and partners in 75 countries – we’re always looking for talent with a similar hunger to support the digitisation of SMEs in a digital economy.

We welcome talent who believe strongly in making an impact on the lives of small to medium businesses (SMBs) – bridging the gaps between digital adoption, accessibility and affordable solutions.

“We were born as a global organisation that welcomes and celebrates diversity recognising our common personality.

Our culture has been key in driving our success, especially in 2021.”

–  Zoe Ennis, Chief People Officer. 

Work with Enterpryze

In 2021, Enterpryze announced 100 new jobs will be created over the next two years.

Positions will span engineering, DevOps, development, sales, customer support and client management.

We also welcomed 3 brilliant individuals to the Enterpryze team as part of our new Intern Programme.

Never standing still, Enterpryze prefers to disrupt – always looking to build on our success.

Innovation is at the core of our purpose, and we continuously seek to challenge the status quo.

Join a worldwide team revolutionising the face of business finance – just browse our open roles here.

Readying SMEs for the wave of digital payments with mCollect POS

Get started with mCollect POS today.

Collect Cash via PayNow, DuitNow or PromptPay with mCollect POS.

In 2021, UOB & Enterpryze partnered together to create a new payment collection solution to satisfy both merchants and their clients.

Designed for UOB banking customers, mCollect POS is a mobile app for merchants across Asia to collect dynamic QR code payments.

Available in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand & coming soon in Hong Kong – this new solution has revolutionised UOB customers and how they collect payments forever.

The app allows users to:-

  • Generate Dynamic QR Codes

mCollect POS Dynamic QR codes allow customers to pay digitally using via PayNow, DuitNow, and PromptPay.

With this, the payment process will be a quick and seamless experience for every party involved.

  • Generate Invoices Easily

You don’t have to worry about invoices anymore. mCollect POS generates your sales invoices with details such as payment method, amount, time, items, etc.

  • Receive Funds in Your UOB Bank Account Instantly

No need to wait for 5-7 business for your funds to be processed!

With mCollect POS, receive funds in your bank – immediately.

  • Setup With Just A Smartphone

No clunky payment terminals.

You can use your smartphone as your payment terminal. It’s very easy to set up- download the app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store and start collecting.

mCollect POS generates dynamic QR codes from the app, making the payment process a convenient one.

  • Enjoy the Lowest Transaction Fees in the Market

mCollect POS QR payment transaction fee is 0.15% – which is 10x cheaper than credit card terminal charges, helping business owners to save more on expenses, and increase their revenue.

We emphasized on accessible, downloadable guides for everyone

At Enterpryze – we’ll never stop believing in constant upskilling through education.

We’ve put emphasis this year on creating new whitepapers, brochures, explainer guides and more free resources that you can find here.

Our free downloadables condense information on everything from understanding the fundamentals of inventory to methods on streamlining food and drink traceability for companies in the industry.

Other whitepapers you’d find useful for business education are:

Ready? Let Enterpryze get your business ready for 2022.

Talk to our Enterpryze Experts to see how your business can unlock maximum margins and greater productivity across all operations.

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