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The Rise of Automation-Friendly SaaS: What Does It Mean for Businesses?

Business automation is no longer a privilege for big companies.

It is quickly becoming a need for companies of all sizes to ensure long-term profitability. Moreover, accepting modern technology and tools into your company is part of preparing for an automated future.

What is automation and how does it simplifies small business?

Automation is a software application that helps your team automate vital (yet often repetitive and administrative) business tasks.

These include the approval and editing of purchase invoices, checking through company expenses, re-ordering stock when inventory levels are low and more.

Let’s take a small family pharmacy business for example.

For years – there are only 3 or 4 people involved in all operations (including stock tracking, financial reporting, supplier management, delivery and customer service.)

However, this business begins to grow across multiple districts – and everyone thinks it’s time to open up a new branch to keep up with demand from different locations.

With a lean team, it’s difficult to keep track of inventory and operations in multiple locations. There’s a multitude of tasks to oversee, and if done manually, can mean an increased risk of human error and loss in productivity.

But if this pharmacy business employed a solution that helps them streamline inventory re-ordering and replenishing stock when it’s running low – that’s one hassle to worry about.

And one less person to employ to take care of the business, if their budget is still not ready to expand their workforce.

Automation is the gateway for businesses like these to be competitive enough without breaking the bank.

The future benefits of automation

You should start considering your long-term business requirements from now on. It is strongly recommended that all manual processes be automated.

This is due to the fact that automation can provide a number of advantages that can help your business run more efficiently. Here are some of the automation benefits for your business:


  • Improved operational efficiency

Automation saves your company a lot of money, time, and effort in its day-to-day operations. your company will be able to concentrate on its main focuses.

It keeps every employee up to date on what they are responsible for through instant notification updates. Instead of having to request updates every time, you can benefit from being able to see exactly what is going on.


  • Time-saving & cost reduction

Saved money is time saved, while money gained is time gained, and money lost is time wasted.

You will no longer be wasting these two important elements if you allow automation in performing your business.

Therefore, you can complete repetitive tasks more quickly, reduce waste, and, most importantly, increase your business’s profit margins.


  • Minimizes human errors

Mistakes happen regardless of how professionally you handle your work.

As a result, investing in automation software is a wise decision. Therefore, you will be able to reduce human errors and encourage your employees to complete their tasks without any difficulty.

How does Enterpryze's automation software help small business?

Enterpryze enables you to easily monitor all aspects of your workflow in a single platform.

You will be able to make approvals on invoices, execute a smoother supply chain through automated reordering and do a variety of other things from here.

A well-defined business workflow will provide your employees with a clear understanding of how to perform their duties and know what to do in a timely manner.

Automatic Email 🠮 Enterpryze Purchase Invoice Approvals

Approve, edit and reject emailed purchase invoices right from Enterpryze

Seamless Expense Scanning

Scan receipts and have your information automatically recorded from the app

One-Click Stock Reordering

Make inventory replenishing a breeze with automatic purchase order creation

Live Feeds and Notifications for Business Banking

Reconcile bank records for faster, more seamless live feeds and notifications

Customized Alerts

Allow different users access to customized notifications

You will be able to monitor every job that needs to be completed in the presence of automation.

All you have to do is update all of the important details into the automation software, and the reports will be generated automatically.

This procedure will undoubtedly accelerate your work progress while requiring little human intervention.

Business automation is also a quick way to improve the performance of your company.

If you have clear objectives and a better business operation, you will be able to attract more customers to buy your products.

Furthermore, because automation generates an automatic business update for you, you can spend less time and energy putting out the fires that come with improper record entry or slow deliveries.

Allowing automation to optimize your regular processes will provide your company with more opportunities to meet the needs of its customers.

Enterpryze assists in the development of a better future for your company’s growth. To take your business to the next level, learn more about our Automation Rising features here.

Expanding your business this year?

See how Automation Rising – Enterpryze’s most powerful update to our platform makes you a competitive force through smooth inventory management, business banking and accounting.

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