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New Features in Development: Purchase Invoice Automation & Expense Scanning

The power of automation in performing tasks is clear to everyone – it saves you time, reduces human error and it has the ability to make complex tasks simple.

It allows us to get more done when technology does some of the work for us.

Enterpryze does a lot of work under the hood to keep your reports, finances and inventory up to date at all times as you operate your business.

We have always developed automation with simplicity & the end-user in mind. The goal has always been to make business operations and business management easier.

So that’s why we’re introducing our latest developments in Enterpryze Automation: Purchase Invoice Automation & Expense Scanning.

Brand New Purchase Invoice Automations from Enterpryze

Here’s how you’ll benefit from this new automation.

Upload Invoices

Invoice Automation will be a new tile in the Purchasing Module that allows you to upload AP Invoices from your computer as PDFs to your Enterpryze account. Enterpryze will use OCR Scanning to detect the information in the invoice and automatically create a purchase invoice in ‘pending’ status for you to review, edit and submit.

Email Invoice Attachments to your Enterpryze account

Or you can upload purchase invoices directly by email. Here’s how – you can enable specific email addresses to be able to forward emails that have a Purchase Invoice attached to a specific Enterpryze email address.

Enterpryze will then automatically upload that attached invoice into your system also using OCR Scanning technology.

All invoices created through this new automation feature will sit in ‘Pending’ until a user reviews and any errors or required fields are filled in.

Machine Learning

If it wasn’t cool enough already, the feature also utilises machine learning to remember the edits you make to your documents and will automatically make that edit for you next time. This means the more you use it, the better it gets.

Let’s illustrate this with an example.

Let’s say you upload or email a Purchase Invoice to Enterpryze.

The invoice is from a company called Bob’s Supplies Ltd. That’s what it says on the invoice and the Invoice Automation feature puts that name in the company field.

But in your Enterpryze account, this supplier has been saved as Bob’s Supply Company.

You can change the company field on the Invoice to the company that you had already made in Enterpryze.

The machine learning will remember this and will automatically make this name change adjustment for any future invoices from this supplier.

Automatic Mapping

There’s even more cool automation – after being scanned in Enterpryze, your purchase invoice will be checked to see if it relates to any purchase orders logged in your account. If there is a match, the Invoice Automation feature will automatically map the documents as related.

Expense Scanning

We are going to use the same OCR scanning technology for Expense receipts. The only difference is how you bring the document to Enterpryze.

Expense scanning will allow your team to scan and upload their receipts with the Enterpryze Expense app.

Each scanned receipt will create an expense with detected fields automatically filled in.

The expense will also log the scanned receipt as an attachment.

After the user scans their receipt, fills in any missing or extra data, they can save it as an expense.

Every task takes time and every automation saves it.

OCR Scanning, Machine Learning and Automatic Mapping were all developed to give time back to teams spending it manually logging purchase invoices and expenses and manually mapping their invoices to orders.

This can be a tedious, time consuming and often challenging task. This development makes these processes faster, simpler and reduces human error.

Our brand new automation is expected to release in September 2021.

It will be a premium feature where you can pay to have a number of Purchase Invoice & Expense scans per month.

Get started with a free trial.

Enjoy faster business banking, smoother inventory tracking and more tools needed to run an excellent modern business.

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