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Life at Enterpryze: Following Monica’s 12-Week Adventure In A Financial Internship

“It’s always been a dream of mine to own a small business with my friends – where we can work on something we love.”

With this in mind – Monica Moo started her internship with Enterpryze and her journey towards helping the same SMEs that she hopes to lead one day.

Monica started her internship with Enterpryze’s Kuala Lumpur office and quickly settled into her role as a Finance Intern from the very start.

We caught up with Monica to reflect on her time with the Enterpryze family.

1. What drew you to applying for Enterpryze?

It’s the job scope, as in the job scope mentioned matched with my major and so I was quite interested in trying to work for that as my real-life practice in the finance field.

2. What was the interview process like? Can you walk me through each step of the way?

The interview process is all good and smooth, I felt a little bit nervous at first, but because the interviewers were genuinely nice, it makes me feel more confident in answering interview questions.

I had two stages of interview sessions, the first one was with Cody Yow – HR Manager and it was mostly focused on the common interview questions.

After that, I was informed by Cody that I’m shortlisted for the last stage of the interview which is with Jackie – the Financial Controller in Enterpryze.

The interview question in this session had a lot more details and was mostly related to my experience and knowledge of finance.

3. What was your position at Enterpryze? On your very first day – what were your feelings about Enterpryze and its people?

My position at Enterpryze is Finance Intern.

On my very first day, Enterpryze and its people just made me feel extremely comfortable to work with.

Everyone here was willing to help and give advice whenever I needed it!

4. What is your average workday as an intern at Enterpryze? Can you walk me through each of your duties throughout your 12 weeks at Enterpryze?

My main duties were focusing on the account receivables where I have to collect payment from Enterpryze’s debtors.

I was also handling a special project which is called SG IMDA Curator Grant. It is a grant provided by the Singapore government to business owners.

My duties specifically were to contact the customer to sign the forms and complete the survey form requested by IMDA.

5. What was the highlight of your 12 weeks at Enterpryze?

It’s my last day with Enterpryze.

I received lots of love from everyone in Enterpryze, and realized 3 months of internship passed by too fast 🙁

6. Do you love working from home or in the office? What do you like about it?

Nothing beats working in the office!

I love working in the office as in I can socialize with my colleagues, instead of just working from home alone.

7. When do you have the most fun at work?

It’s pretty simple. Whenever I have a good conversation with my colleagues – and we get to know more each other over lunch or something like that.

8. What is your advice to the next intern at Enterpryze?

Do not be scared of asking questions when you need some help.

9. When you’re not at work, what are your passions?

I love exploring new places, travelling and meeting new faces along the way.

10. If we had an unlimited budget, what would you want us to buy for the office?

I’d splurge on a heater for the office cause I’m constantly cold!

11. If you ran the world, what’s one thing you’d change?

I would put an end to racism – so everyone around the world can learn to respect each other.

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