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Latest Release: Enterpryze Unveils Tools for Powerful Business Control in 2022

In 2022 – technology will play a key role in giving supply chain managers the opportunity to strengthen and create resilience in their supply chain and inventory management processes.

This March, Enterpryze is introducing more updates to our platform to help business owners reach their goals of maximum margins.

Some of them include: 

New releases in January

1. Perform quicker actions on grid views

This allows users to choose quick actions directly from the grid view without having to drill into the document.

A user can now reduce the time and number of clicks to take actions on transactions.

They can do this with ease directly from the grid view on a Company/transaction without having to drill into the account/transaction details first.

2. 'Copy From' document option available on Sales transactions

This new feature allows users to copy from open transactions for a customer to a new document for both Service and Item type transactions in Sales.

The user will be able to select both the transaction and lines to copy from.

With this in mind – users can choose the type of transaction to copy from and to choose the relevant lines from the document.

This will save the user time searching for related documents for the customer to create documents from, as a list of documents and their details are provided for the user on the Copy From screen.

3. Add Service Calls for your suppliers

This empowers users to track issues with Items/Services/repairs with their suppliers that directly impact what they supply to their customers to ensure solutions are provided in a prompt manner.

This is in line with SAP B1 to use existing functionality introduced in version 9.2 of SAP to select a Supplier when adding a Service call.

4. Shopify Customer name appears on your Enterpryze transactions

The current setting is to set a default Customer account in Enterpryze where all transactions get posted to when integrated with Shopify.

With this improvement, the Customer name that appears in Shopify will now get updated as the name on the Sales transaction in Enterpryze.

This improves the tracing from supplier to customer through the eCommerce platform and enables end-users to find transactions quicker within Enterpryze.

5. Categorize sales coming from Shopify as Service transactions

This new update allows the posting of Service transactions to simplify the Shopify integration further.

Once activated you will be able to assign Service documents to be posted to a default GL account in Enterpryze.

This will be assigned to all transactions coming from Shopify and there will be no stock postings.

You now have greater flexibility with the types of products/services that you can now sell online and integrate with Enterpryze.

Once this option is activated all sales transactions coming from Shopify will be Service transactions, so be sure this is what you require as there will be no Stock postings in Enterpryze.

Powering up inventory management and automation in February

1. Reorder Bill of Material items to manufacture and make end products

This enhancement allows you to reorder Bill of Material items which will be received into stock and you can make your final stock item on the reordering screen.

The components that make your final Bill of Material stock item will be issued out of stock – and you can manufacture and make your end products on one screen.

You get to manage all your stock reordering in one go, change between regular stock items or Bill of Materials as required.

With visibility of stock on hand, stock gone below minimum stock levels you get to make all required Bill of Materials.

This will ensure that you can address any demand from your customers and get orders to your Suppliers on time.

2. Bill of Material items now included in Batch Traceability

Allows you to assign Batch numbers when Making your end products directly from the Stock Setup screen.

This in turn allows the selection of manufactured end products (Bill of Materials) in Batch Selection on Sales Transactions.

This provides the ability to enter batch numbers, expiry dates and quantities against the inbound Parent product of its components are flagged as a batch Item.

This expands Batch Traceability to all your stock item needs, ensuring all manufactured or fresh goods are tracked from supply to your customer.

3. Purchase Automation now supports Branches for SAP B1

For any SAP B1 organisation using Branches, you can now select the relevant Branch on the Purchase Invoice draft before approving the invoice that has been received using the Enterpryze Purchase Automation.

The user can now select the relevant Branch for the invoices coming through automatically from email, ensuring that the Invoice is posted, and costs are recorded against the correct Branch.

Achieving greater visibility in March

1. Perform write-offs on underpaid incoming payments

This grants the option to write off part of an incoming payment when converting from an invoice.

You can now enter a payment amount lower than invoice with a tickbox for ‘pay on account’.

When this is selected the payment will be treated as final from the customer rather than partial.

It will automatically create a service credit note in the background to write off the difference so the invoice can close.

2. Enjoy greater transparency between Purchase Invoices and related transfers

This tool adds the ‘Related Documents’ window to the purchase invoice screen. This matches the same feature that Sales Invoice already has.

Information on reconciliation is more visible and accessible as linked credit notes or outgoing payments are not only visible but can be navigated from the base invoice.

All you need to do is find the related documents at the bottom of a purchase invoice and click to drill down further and be taken to the matching one.

3. Enable a negative discount on the document line editor

This allows the discount amount on item lines to be entered as a negative value.

Now, an increase in value can be added to an item line.

This can be used in cases like adding a 2% charge for card payments.

Before this would have to be implemented as a separate item line, this change can keep it related to the document and include it has a percentage that will scale with price changes.

4. Introducing a new screen when a user does not have permission to access an area

Adds a new ‘holding screen’ that a user will see when trying to access an area that they do not have permission to see.

The current screen makes it look like the user is doing something wrong with the “forbidden” message.

This clearly states that the user has to contact their administrator for access.

5. The company screen redirects to reconciliation

This new update introduces a shortcut from a customer master data direct to reconciliation.

An additional shortcut to navigate directly from a customer to reconciliation.

The company reconciliation screen will be opened with the given customer’s detail already selected and the reconciliation can continue as normal.

Ready? Let Enterpryze get your business ready for 2022.

Talk to our Enterpryze Experts to see how your business can unlock maximum margins and greater productivity across all operations.

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