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How Singaporean SMEs can Thrive in a COVID-19 Innovation Slump

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are vital to Singaporean economy. In 2020, they accounted for 70% of the employed workforce, 99 percent of total enterprise counts, and a healthy 43 percent of the $428 billion in nominal value generated. 

The uncertain landscape created by COVID-19 has forced many SMEs, particularly those that have not yet digitised their operations, to activate their business survival mode. 

Will SMEs be able to survive and profit if lockdowns continue? 

Is an out-of-date product still appealing to Singaporeans? 

Morgan Browne, CEO of Enterpryze, who is passionate about helping SMEs in growing their businesses, took the time to respond to these questions in this article. 

Morgan paints a clearer picture for readers of what SMEs need to know about running a business during the never-ending pandemic. 

Read the entire story on Young Upstarts.

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