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Best Automation Technology Practices In A New COVID-19 World

The COVID-19 seems to have had a great impact on society all over the world, including the global economic downturn.

It has caused a critical shift in the market supply curve where it has affected many business owners. With that being said, many manufacturing businesses are slowing down, resulting in factory closures.

Furthermore, it has raised concerns about the future of the work. The pandemic may become recurrent, and it will take some time for all of us to adjust to the new normal.

The importance of automation during a pandemic

Manually operating your business processes during a pandemic may be frustrating. In addition, your business could be disrupted by a series of unanticipated events, which could lead to bankruptcy.

However, technology is transforming today’s business. A digital process automation tool is a great way to cope with an internal crisis at your company while also lowering the burden and costs.

Having said that, 17% of companies around the world have started investing in a new software. It assists them in reshuffling their businesses priorities during a pandemic.

Therefore, the use of automation systems is strongly advised if you need to lay off some of your employees due to internal financial crisis.

In order to maintain growth and survival, more businesses must shift their operations to digital automation.

What should a small business owner do to overcome working from home challenges?

Transitioning a working environment from a physical office to one’s own home may require significant adjustments to how your team works.

As a small business owner – it’s necessary to constantly find new ways to reinvent work and the way your team does their duties.

This includes upskilling (or reskilling) employees so they are more capable to thrive during digitised operations.

Determine which activities, behaviours, and abilities must change.

Your IT staff and logistics coordinators, for example, will have a stronger effect on the new strategy than they did on the previous one if you’re transitioning from in-store sales to mostly home deliveries.

To meet the increased demand and client expectations, they may also need a new skill set.

How does automation help with productivity in a pandemic?

Since your employees will not be meeting in person, a streamlined all-in-one platform is necessary to facilitate day-to-day operations.

Providing your employees with an effective communication platform such as automation software when they’re working from home (or practising a hybrid working environment) is highly recommended.

Automation can be something as simple as automating invoices to be approved, edited or rejected from one central platform.

Alternatively, it can be through automatically re-ordering the right kind of inventory when levels are low – without having to manually check back on stock across warehouses.

Automation software aids you to be better prepared in dealing with unexpected situations.

Taking the automation of purchase invoices for example –  unexpected human errors and administrative mishaps in an invoice can happen more often when everyone is working from home and at a disadvantage in terms of face-to-face communication.

Hence, purchase automation helps direct invoices to a single platform for someone to detect an issue much earlier.

There’s lesser red tape, back and forth emails and lost documents – all of which allow for a smoother cashflow for businesses.

Benefits of business automation with Enterpryze

Mistakes can be extremely costly. Businesses lose 20-30% in revenue each year from inefficient processes.

Enterpryze’s automation helps boost the efficiency of your team, reduce business costs, automatically generate more quality data and even make inventory management more systemic and smooth.

What Enterpryze’s Automation Rising update does is minimise human involvement in the process of purchasing or procurement, inventory, expense recording and more – so you can still remain competitive even with a lean team.

Here’s 5 core areas it can help you with:-

Automate the processing of all your Purchase Invoices.

→ Approve, reject and edit pending invoices that are queued automatically from a central inbox

→  Supported by machine learning to remember supplier and item details

Scan, save and share expenses with zero hassle.

→ Scan receipts directly from the mobile app

→ Automatically populate information and include the photo of receipt in the expense while updating financial ledgers

Replenish inventory ahead of schedule.

→ Replenish items based on filters, products, warehouses and suppliers

→ Automate the creation of purchase orders based on sales activities

Enjoy real-time transparency for your bank feeds.

→ After bank reconciliation, get notified of new transactions

→ Enterpryze automatically suggests reconciliation matches between your bank and the platform to keep everything in sync

Customize live notifications – and stay in the loop.

→ Customize web notifications according to user relevancy (notify sales orders to the Sales team, banking transactions to Finance teams, etc.)

With Enterpyze, you’ll be able to experience plenty of advantages as we help you automate your business processes.

More information on how to benefit from our Automation Rising in this pandemic season can be found here.

Get your business competitive with Enterpryze's automation,

Get a hands-on look into how Enterpryze’s Automation Rising works to increase your team’s efficiency and reduce business costs.

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