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Digital Payment Uprising: How QR Codes Drive Business Growth

Ready to start accepting digital payments? Here’s a guide that covers why startups across the globe could benefit from Quick Response (QR) payments and it’s upcoming trends.

What this guide will show you:- 

  • The fundamentals and usage of QR codes
  • The rising prevalence and trends for digital payments across the globe
  • Difference between dynamic and static codes

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digital qr payments guide

Southeast Asia is ripe for digital payments - and the rest of the world is not far behind.

Digital and QR payments are gaining traction worldwide

This guide studies the impact and response of QR codes across countries like China, the United States, Singapore and more.

What are the differences between static and dynamic codes?

It’s crucial to understand the difference between static and dynamic QR codes, especially if you plan to employ such QR codes with your small business operations.

Understanding the mCollect POS app - perfect for SME owners

Discover UOB mCollect POS – a novel method of collecting digital payments via dynamic QR codes.

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