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Review of Enterpryze by La Marzocco New Zealand

La Marzocco

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La Marzocco New Zealand has been using Enterpryze for 2 years. We sat down with their Finance Manager, Steve Jae, and asked him about his review on Enterpryze. But first, let’s go into some history.

About La Marzocco

In 1927 Giuseppe Bambi and his brother Bruno founded a small, humble espresso machine company in the city of Florence. The brothers not only designed the machines but produced each individual part and assembled the machines by hand. In the beginning, due to the economic climate of the time, any sale was considered a triumph – hence choosing the symbol of the ‘Marzocco’ Lion, synonymous with victory and triumph. Over the past 90 years, a lot has changed for La Marzocco, but a lot has also stayed the same, we are still a family company with machines carefully handmade in Florence. The main difference now is our incredible reach to all corners of the globe and being industry leaders in championing speciality coffee.

La Marzocco New Zealand

La Marzocco New Zealand distributes espresso equipment and genuine parts throughout the country and has a showroom in Auckland. All our machines are carefully inspected and tested upon arrival from Florence. Their experienced team have years of experience in the coffee industry and provide clients with expert advice. Additional support such as technical training and after-sales is part of the La Marzocco experience.

Steve Jae started as an accountant at La Marzocco New Zealand, after 2 years and 2 promotion, he is now the Finance Manager. Here are his thoughts after using Enterpryze:

What does your day to day job as a Finance Manager looks like?

The finance team is closely connected globally, with our HQ in Italy, and the Group Financial Controller whom I report to in Australia and myself in New Zealand. We are an innovative company, so my role is very dynamic, but my main responsibility is to provide accurate information to support management. Because I work closely with management, it is crucial that our day-to-day is done properly so we can provide the finances for accurate decision-making. Also, to make sure we are always in a profitable situation.

I’ve been using Enterpryze for almost 2 years. Initially, we were looking at Enterpryze and other similar applications. The reason why we chose Enterpryze was because of the flexibility and simplicity. The SAP Business One integration and requirement didn’t sound challenging, it’s simple to set up. Also, the introduction video was very straightforward and helpful.

What is La Marzocco using Enterpryze for?

What we wanted to use Enterpryze mainly was to manage all the credit card expenditure, so we use the expense module more, and that was my first assignment in the company. After choosing and implementing Enterpryze, we received good feedback from all the users which also helped me secure my position 😊

The service module is something interesting we are exploring. We are looking into we not only sell the coffee machines but also provide support and maintenance. Therefore, we are looking forward to applying this to our business model.

We’ve also started to use the opportunity module. We recently appointed our head of technician to explore what Enterpryze can do for them. So far, it sounds very positive, but this is something we’re still looking into.

We’ve been using Enterpryze for 2 years now, and users have found no issues so far.

How is La Marzocco using Enterpryze expense management module?

As I’ve mentioned, we mainly use Enterpryze for expense management, so I’ll make sure that the users submit their credit card expense with no issue. Starting from entering in the right amount, the correct expense type, and choosing the right currency.

Our approver for Australia’s expenses is our Group Financial Controller, and General Manager in New Zealand approve for the New Zealand’s expenses. So, there is a level of control there that we enjoy. We review the expenses, approve the expenses on a regular basis and then it is pushed to our SAP Business One automatically. We then have an intermediate person to reconcile the transactions.

Review on Enterpryze design or user interface. Is it easy to use?

I’m not particular in taste. But I like the way how the platform is designed, having the different functions and features on the left-hand side, so it is easy to access. It is very straight forward and easy to find. Some other software features can be difficult to locate, to edit or play around with. With Enterpryze, the setting icon is on the screen, which comes quite handy.

I think most of the users like to use Enterpryze because of the mobile app. It is very modernized and stylish.

Any advice for companies thinking to switch to cloud accounting?

There are pros and cons of cloud accounting. It is the security of information; you do not need a physical hardware to store data. Also, cloud accounting is easier to gather data from all the different sources. It is productive in terms of capturing information. For example, when cloud accounting captures the bank feed from the bank, the bookkeepers don’t need to enter the transaction. Because they automatically receive the data from the bank. All they need to do is the few different clicks to reconcile.

It also more useful if the organisation can assign a person to take care of the system and integrating the different platforms together. You need someone to set it up correctly at the back office, making sure that they are getting the right information. If not, then they may be a challenge.

Overall, my experience with Enterpryze is enjoyable, and the support provided is prompt. I had an email with one of your team and that was also very helpful, very prompt, and precise.

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