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What is Start Digital in Singapore?

Start Digital is an initiative by Enterprise Singapore (ESG) and Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to introduce digital solutions to businesses. Enterpryze is a pre-approved network provider under the Start Digital programme – and we aim to kickstart digital innovation for every SME with a free 12-month subscription* to our…

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Enterpryze and UOB: Why Asian Businesses Thrive with Online Banking

At Enterpryze and UOB, we believe that small businesses deserve a fighting chance in the age of competitive and fast digitisation. And making better business decisions starts with the ability to adopt more agile financial practices that are fit to a digital economy and consumer demands. This is why Enterpryze’s…

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The Future of Business Banking in Singapore

Online business banking in Singapore allows SMEs to make use of software that automates simplify every day operations as they know it. A cashless payment that comes in will automatically be reflected in their accounting system and this real-time record tremendously help business to be on top of their finances.…

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Maturity Model Enterpryze

Why a Maturity Model Approach Is Key For Cloud-Based Software

One of the main problems with the accounting and business software industries are growing demands. As a business scales and updates through different software solutions, the time and cost implications are not favourable. Data must be migrated, systems must be updated, training on new structures must be demonstrated company-wide. Of course - there is usually a significant investment…

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Why Good Management Starts With Time Off for Employees

For some companies, working from home may be a temporary solution until it’s safe to be in the office once again. For others, it’s become the new -permanent- way of life. Companies such as Shopify and Twitter have implemented permanent work from home policies as an option for their employees.…

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Motivated While Working From Home

How to stay motivated while working from home?

How do you stay motivated while working from home? For some of us, working remotely has always been the way we work. However, for others, it has been a whole new concept. Some of us relished the new environment and for others it was a struggle, trying to balance childcare…

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