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Are series of content related on business management and accounting.
What Is Peppol E-invoicing

What is PEPPOL InvoiceNow E-Invoicing and How Does it Work?

First things first, what's the difference between PEPPOL E-invoicing and InvoiceNow E-invoicing?   The answer is none; both terms refer to the same thing.   In Singapore, its name was changed to InvoiceNow. This change is to gain a clearer understanding from the public and keep in line with other nationwide initiatives,…

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Purchase Decision

Buyer Purchase Decision: Why Do People Buy?

There are many reasons why people buy. It may follow a logical path, but sometimes it can be an act of impulse. In this article, we explore the different factors affecting a decision to purchase, and how we as a business can satisfy the need of a customer. People like…

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Creating Multiple Users

Multiple Users, Multiple Levels of Permission

In 2020, many businesses are beginning to see the need to digitalise their processes and transactions. When this happens, data are usually stored in one place where it can be accessed by multiple users. This creates a multiple-user environment. This is beneficial for business as it prevents inconsistent data that may…

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Small Business Marketing Blogs

Top 5 Best Small Business Marketing Blogs to Follow

Why are marketing blogs beneficial for small businesses? As a small business owner,  you are often required to step out of your comfort zone to thread in waters that you are unfamiliar with. You may not be an expert in the marketing field, but you can follow these top 5…

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ERP System

What is ERP System? And is it for Small Business and SME?

Many small-to-medium enterprises (SME) or small businesses face challenges in choosing the right software or system to run business processes. At some point, most businesses find that accounting software like Quickbooks and Xero are too small, while comprehensive ERP software like SAP and Oracle are too large. Today we explore…

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