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Learn more about accounting and bookkeeping. Explore the basics of invoicing, journal entry, accounts receivables and so much more.

Does Every Small Business Need an Accountant?

Being a small business owner is tough as it is. It gets especially difficult to handle the day-to-day operations with a small workforce, where resources are spread thin to start with. Thus, it’s always important to ask for help before your business reaches its breaking point. One of the best…

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Accounting Partner Programme

Introducing Enterpryze’s Accounting Partner Programme

Any well-oiled business understands how to properly manage its resources. One of those most important resources is the company’s financials - which needs proper monitoring to ensure a business is successful in the long-term. At Enterpryze, we keep day-to-day accounting simple. Yet, we understand that SMEs and startups everywhere have…

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invoice terms and conditions

Invoice Terms and Conditions – What to include?

Invoice terms and conditions can cause a lot of problems especially when it is not properly prepared. Before we get into the must-include terms and conditions of an invoice, let's first have a look at the importance of having proper terms and conditions in your invoice.

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types of invoices

The Different Types of Invoices

There are many times of invoices, which invoice you will use depends on your industry or the purpose of your invoice. In this article, we talk about what is an invoice and the 6 different types of invoices that you can use. Strap in and let's get going!

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difference invoice receipt

The Differences Between an Invoice and a Receipt

As a new business owner, some administrative or industry terms might be foreign to you. Some of the new business owners we talk to asks us the difference between an invoice and a receipt; some even think that they are the same thing. Before we dive into the differences between…

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basics of accounting

Journal Entry in Accounting

As a business owner, the word "Accounting" or "Journal Entry" might seem daunting as it could mean a complicated minefield. Even the basics of accounting concept may be hard to grasp. Many will think, will I need my accountant to use this function for me? The answer is it doesn’t…

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accounts receivables

How Accounts Receivable Work?

In this article, we explore how accounts receivable work, its process, and how to track it. You will also be able to understand the flow of tracking accounts receivable and why it is important to SMEs. Let's Begin. Accounts receivable is a record of sales the business has made that…

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Critical Elements of an invoice

Critical Elements an Invoice Must Include

There are some critical elements that we must include for an invoice to be effective. Before we dive deeper into the topic, let's first understand what an invoice really is and what is it for. Quite possibly, invoices are the most important document when running a business. It is a…

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