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Why Automation Technology is Already A Business Necessity In 2021

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When you hear the words “automation” – what comes to mind?

If you still think automation is a technology reserved for big brand businesses that buy expensive software; you couldn’t be further from the truth.

Automation technology might have once been for elite executives with deep pockets, but the truth of the matter is that they’ve been made increasingly available to any business over time.

21st century business automation significantly enhances the efficiency of your organisation and improves your bottom line.

It’s technology that’s open to big or small businesses – meant to simplify everything from inventory and accounting to sales and customer service.

What it’s NOT is another way to eliminate people from the equation. That’s just a myth that drives businesses away from adoption for fear of replacing their human workforce.

The use of business process automation allows modern teams to drastically boost their own productivity and have access to greater resources – quicker.

But don’t just take our word for it.

1.      73% of IT leaders say that thanks to automation success, employees are saving between 10 and 50% of the time they previously spent doing manual tasks.

2.      57% of IT leaders say that automation technology saves departments between 10 and 50% on costs previously associated with manual processing.

3.      66% of companies have increased their revenue by deploying AI technology.

4.      67% of organizations are implementing business process automation solutions that increase end-to-end visibility across different systems.

5.      36% of companies use automation to generate sales quotes.

Boost business productivity by 10x
What’s the meaning of business process automation?

Almost any operational task that’s well-defined and repeated can be automated.

Business process automation can also include paper-based processes that are otherwise tiresome to repeat.

Here are some typical processes that can be easily automated:

  • Invoicing reminders
  • Document approval
  • Assigning inbound leads to a sales representative
  • Tracking sales opportunity to cash
  • Staying on top of failed billing charges
  • Reordering inventory
  • … & a thousand things more!
3 key benefits of automating your business

Automating your business is more than just “following a trend” that other organisations are doing.

Automation technology has tangible and obvious benefits.

Here are 5 reasons you should think about automation today:

1. It makes your paper trail a digital one.

Think about all the times you’ve had to amass paperwork and devote a few days to a week with manual data entry.

Many businesses that practice service delivery will benefit from automation.

Traditionally – their service technicians would have to complete a request, handle the paperwork, and go back into the office to transfer that information into an application or manually pass it on to another department.

With automation, that’s done in real-time and on the location itself.

This makes the risk of confusing up information and endless paperwork a thing of the past.

Now, everything is backed up instantly and can easily be seen by anyone with access; a powerful trail of records that keep your business one step ahead.

carried out or the parts used, without having to rely on your memory or some scribbled notes.


2. See a reduction in costs.

Businesses lose 20-30% in revenue each year due to an inefficient way of handling operations.

Inefficient processes are an umbrella that encompasses everything from human error, outdated systems and hardware, unproductive strategies, technological lack of understanding and everything in between.

Going back to the same example of field service management for instance.

If a technician travels for a service request, he/she could go in blind about what the problem is and what’s needed (spare parts, the right information, etc.) to fix the issue.

Sending someone onsite with no knowledge of the issue wastes your time and customers’ as well!

This gets worse if technicians don’t have access to proper inventory tracking and will need to schedule multiple follow-up calls because they’re missing an item.

Automation technology leaves little room for error (once everyone in the business uses it correctly!).

An ERP system will have foolproof tools built in to provide anyone with accurate stock levels – so they reorder it automatically if something is lacking.


3. Productivity increases and it all becomes more efficient.

Automation exists to achieve the best outcome with minimal effort.

When we built the Enterpryze Automation Rising update from the ground up – we narrowed down what was a series of steps performed consistently that can be improved via automation.

Features like Purchase and Expense automation (the ability to scan a purchase invoice, parse it via OCR and create a resulting ‘pending invoice’ status within Enterpryze) is something that is fully integrated and automatic through email.

Very simply the admin user will have settings to create rules around email addresses to accept PDFs from email.

You can also save the PDF’s and manually upload them to Purchasing through the new Invoice Automation button. The user can then Approve, Reject, Edit these pending invoices. Invoices with errors will also be shown where a user can edit to correct them.

This significantly improves accuracy and time management for everyone on the team.

Along with Purchase and Expense automation – we’re introducing the sleekest, most powerful automation updates to the platform.

Go here to gain first-hand access of the release; and see how productivity in your business can be improved by 10x in finance, accounting, inventory, service delivery and more.

Speed up all business operations much faster than ever.

Book a free demo to see how teams all over the world can increase productivity by 10x. 

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