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UOB mCollect POS in Singapore: Day-to-Day Business Made Simple

UOB mCollect POS is a new payment collection solution by UOB & Enterpryze РA solution to satisfy both merchants and their clients. 

As business owners, we encounter big and small problems. The problems might come at the most unexpected times, which is super inconvenient and might affect business operations.

Some scenarios that can happen from time-to-time are: 

What happens without a QR payment processing system

Scenario 1:¬†I’m hungry. Can I PayNow?

You own a restaurant.

You have a line of customers queueing up for lunch, but to make things worse, you only accept cash payments.

You served the food on the counter, but your customer is in a panic trying to conjure up $3.50 in notes and coins.

The queue is getting longer – some hungry and angry customers left because they couldn’t afford to wait. They wished they could “PayNow”, but they can’t.¬†

Scenario 2:¬†¬†Where’s the invoice report?

You are the owner of a retail shop.

You sell fashion apparel for a living. Sales are good, but you’re in big trouble when it comes to the end of the month.

Your current digital collection solution can’t differentiate unique payment invoices. You have to manually recall the two customers that bought two different items at the same price.

You whisper to yourself it would be nice if there’s an app that can do so.

Scenario 3:¬†Where’s my money?

You like to close your sales account weekly because you want to monitor your sales closely.

Unfortunately, your current digital collection solution or payment terminal is unable to receive the funds immediately.

Another 5-7 business days are needed for the bank to process your payment. Your account person looks at you furiously. 

How UOB mCollect POS curates more efficiency

Say goodbye to all these problems.

UOB mCollect POS is here to save your day – and here’s how:¬†


Dynamic QR Codes –¬†

mCollect POS Dynamic QR codes allow customers to pay digitally using via PayNow. With this, the payment process will be a quick one, saving a lot of potential hungry customers. 


Generate Invoices Easily –

You don’t have to worry about invoices anymore. mCollect POS generates your sales invoices with details such as payment method, amount, time, items, etc.¬†


Receive Funds in Your UOB Bank Account Immediately –¬†

No need to wait for 5-7 business for your funds to be processed. With mCollect POS, you can now receive funds in your bank Рimmediately. 


No External Hardware –

Not a fan of chunky payment terminals? We got you.

You can use your smartphone as your payment terminal. mCollect POS generates dynamic QR codes from the app, making the payment process a convenient one.


Lowest Transaction Fees In The Market –

mCollect POS PayNow QR payment transaction fee is 0.15%, its ten times cheaper than its competitors. 

Start collecting with mCollect POS today

Get a live demo to see how UOB mCollect POS can work for your business.

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