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UOB mCollect POS for SMEs: Turning Your Smartphone into A Payment Terminal

Customers accustomed to paperless transactions will carry less cash on hand as time goes on.

Your business might slowly start realizing this as – or have already realized this over the past few years.

Using a POS system in this sense will help more businesses accept contactless, paperless payments such as credit or debit cards and other forms of digital payments.

Card terminals, however, continue to be expensive to install and setup (since they require external hardware) and rely on the fact that your customers use credit and debit cards.

The latter causes small businesses to bear expensive transaction fees of around 3-5% per each purchase.

If your business is done in non-traditional locations (food trucks, pop-up markets, etc.) setting up a wireless card terminal will also eat a significant amount from your budget.

With this in mind – UOB mCollect POS is a groundbreaking app by Enterpryze that turns your mobile device into a digital payments’ terminal.

An exclusive digital payments collection app for UOB users

UOB mCollect POS is a novel method of collecting digital payments via dynamic QR codes.

It’s a one-of-a-kind app made exclusively for UOB bank account holders – that essentially converts each mobile device into a POS system without any external hardware needed.

Unlike card terminals that require all that setup, UOB mCollect is something that you download right off the App or Play Store.

So why does it work so well for businesses?

If you’re a UOB bank account holder – it’s simply the only way to collect digital payments that automatically link to your bank.

Instead of limiting your customers to the only card (with expensive transaction fees you’ll bear) or cash; the UOB mCollect POS supports PayNow, DuitNow and PromptPay payments.

Just enter the amount of the sale, have your customer scan to pay the amount and receive the funds in a matter of seconds.

UOB mCollect POS is available in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Soon to be released in Hong Kong coming 2022!

mCollect POS may be linked to those on the ground (delivery riders collecting payments, sales reps in brick-and-mortar stores, and so on) so that everyone in the organisation has access to all data and real-time alerts.

What can UOB mCollect POS do?

UOB mCollect POS is built to adapt to the specific nature of your business – which means that its tools are flexible above all else.

The app can be used perfectly with the rest of UOB’s live bank feeds, simplified reconciliation, real-time notifications and collaborative accounting with Enterpryze.

Here’s 3 core reasons your business should download it now.

Real-time notifications.

This means full control of your business operations – even when you’re not around to supervise. See which outlet/user receives a sale by a notification on your own mobile device! UOB mCollect POS allows you to see instant funds in your UOB bank, instead of waiting 3-5 business days for it to be processed.

Lowest transaction fee rates in the market.

Accepting credit and debit payments mean you pay a transaction fee of anywhere from 3-5%. With UOB mCollect POS, you get a 0.15% transaction fee – the lowest in the market.

Secured with PayNow and DuitNow.

Get paid faster and securely with multiple payment methods such as PayNow (for customers in Singapore), DuitNow (for customers in Malaysia) and PromptPay (for customers in Thailand.)

From that point onwards, you can start to: –

  • Bill customers and receive payments with quick & easy invoicing.
  • Easily access scan-to-Pay QR codes so your customer/client can make a paperless payment on the spot.
  • Get instant confirmation of received payments, make bank reconciliations, and generate up-to-the-minute sales & payment reports.
  • Go further by adding users and branches (store locations, departments, offices) and set individual permissions.
What can UOB mCollect POS do?

1 Download the app.

Download on the App Store or Play Store.

2 Register.

Complete the form and add your PayNow, DuitNow or PromptPay Corporate account.

3 Start collecting.

You’re ready to go! Start collecting payments by generating your dynamic QR codes.

Perfect for businesses of all sizes and industries

Let’s say you run a business that delivers frozen food to several restaurants in the city.

For all orders to be fulfilled on time, you probably have 3 trucks going out one day of the week; manned by a single driver who needs to deliver them in that time span. This same driver is also the person that collects payments from your customers and clients.

For you to be aware of each payment confirmed and who exactly paid – you or your finance department must personally follow up with the “man on the ground” to manually confirm and vet through invoices, receipts, etc. so that reflects in your records.

In the above process; so many of these tasks leave room for delay and human error.

Not to mention the possible risk of misplacing cash, confusing payment options and having your sales team be overwhelmed with the sheer number of paper documents they have on hand from many customers.

UOB mCollect POS applies to businesses of all industries.

So whether or not your business deals with frozen food, or have a physical retail shop that could benefit from a mobile POS – UOB mCollect POS provides simple efficiency.

For brick and mortar settings where credit and debit cards are heavily used – mCollect POS’ mobile app is another payment solution to provide patrons.

Unlike cards, mCollect POS doesn’t require separate Point of Sale (POS) terminals.

Your sales team can install the app via mobile, link to your business account and you’ll instantly be able to receive real-time notifications when a sale is made.

Ready to make the choice towards simpler collections? Discover how UOB mCollect POS works for your business.

Download UOB mCollect POS today

Available free on the App Store and Play Store.

Or request a demo from us

Take a look around the UOB mCollect POS app with our Enterpryze Expert.

Book an UOB mCollect POS demo
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