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Digital Payments in Indonesia: The Cashlez & Enterpryze Integration

The payment trend is clear: the world is moving away from cash.

In increasingly digital countries, where smartphones and eCommerce have fundamentally transformed consumer tastes and purchasing behaviour, cash is in the backseat of modern payments.

When it comes to digital payment-friendly Southeast Asia as well; Indonesia is high up that list of a nation that prefers contactless, Quick Response (QR) payments.

They are no longer only interested in the goods or services on offer, but in the overall shopping experience too – which encompasses convenience and personalization.

For merchants and business owners, this is also a move in the right direction.

Pioneering easy digital payments with Enterpryze x Cashlez

The name ‘Cashlez’ already implies that this payment option offers a ‘cashless’ transaction. It has been digitalized in order to strengthen the relationship between customer and seller.

Accordingly, Cashlez provides one solution for all businesses.

It introduced a digitized payment system that helps facilitate every retail transaction. This type of payment includes a POS Reader system that is simple to use and accepts payments from various banks.

Enterpryze is now in collaboration with Cashlez to make real-time payment reporting and sales data records a breeze! 

Retailers in Indonesia are increasingly demanding a simple, integrated method to manage their in-store/on-the-ground payment collections with their backend financial reporting.

In line with this – Enterpryze and Cashlez brought our expertise together to create a cashless payment system that can integrate easily with the accounting systems of all businesses.

Cashlez in this case already has the capability to accept various cashless payment options available in Indonesia.

By integrating with Cashlez, retailers now have the solution for cashless payment and integration with their accounting system.

What are 3 things a user can do with the Cashlez & Enterpryze integration?

  • Record sales from¬†Cashlez¬†POS

Cashlez x Enterpryze users can track their product sales through the Cashlez POS device. All payment processes will be directly linked to the Enterpyze’s cloud-based software. Following that, users can utilise this software to access all of their business functions.

  • See sales report instantly in Enterpryze

We’re delighted to be able to assist Cashlez users in optimising their business processes. Once they’ve successfully registered Enterpryze ID on their Cashlez account, they’ll be able to view all of their payment transactions, bank reconciliation, financial reports, and more.

  • Take payment from various cashless payment options

These days, cashless payments are a prominent topic. People are more likely to make a payment without needing to withdraw cash. Your business can substantially benefit from this circumstance because this integration provides users with multiple benefits.

In addition, it’s a cloud-based point-of-sale system that works on a variety of platforms and operating systems. Users can accept digital payments from their customers in the form of debit or credit card, online banking, QR code payment, and more.

With hard work from the Cashlez product and developer team, the integration was completed in 3 months.

The Cashlez x Enterpryze partnership focuses on solutions that users may use while running their business. There will be no more paperwork, and this platform will give you access to all of your important business data.

All end-users will have a POS system that can accept various cashless payment options and integrate the sales with Enterpryze.

Ultimately, this benefit will enable you to have access to extensive sales reports and finance reports.

How does a user setup the Cashlez x Enterpryze integration?

To access Cashlez, the user only needs to set up a new user and provide the Enterpryze support team with the email address so that they can provide you access.

After that, you can just enter your email and password into Cashlez and begin using it.

The Cashlez x Enterpryze integration provides users with all of these benefits to help you satisfy every customer who wishes to purchase your products or services.

This integration will allow you to better streamline the flow of your business. The smarter you run your business, the better it will adapt to the digital revolution.

Kickstart better business payments with Cashlez & Enterpryze

Talk to our Enterpryze Experts in Indonesia to experience the seamlessness of a digital payment system that syncs up with your financial data.

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