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Advice For Accounting Firms; Keeping Clients Happy & Improving Your Customer Experience

Attracting new clients is important for accounting firms & building relationships with your clients after the contracts are signed is sometimes argued even more important.

The intent on getting new business often trumps current customer engagement and on-boarding.

What most accounting forms do not realise is that customer experience and customer retention are fundamental links that can make a huge difference to your revenue, new customers and firm’s success.  

Here is our best advice for accounting firms just like yours…

Why Should You Focus On Improving Your Customer Experience?

82% of professionals admitted that clients are more demanding when it comes to the accounting job requirements. It isn’t surprising that clients are expecting more for less, but a big problem is that accounting professionals are pushing themselves further and drowning in even more work as a result.

Even more astounding, 21% of SMBs owners admit to not knowing enough about bookkeeping. So there is an increasing expectancy for accounting firms to oversee and manage day-to-day finances.   

If this sounds familiar then you’ll want to keep reading. We’ve curated the best advice for accounting firms to “Keeping Clients Happy & Improving Your Customer Experience” 

How Can You Improve Your Customer Experience?

We’ve recommended the go to actions and curated the best advice for accounting firms.

Digital First

Digital transformation has now become critical for accounting firms when maintaining client relationships.  

Your customers have an increased expectations of “on-demand” accounting services. This makes it essential for a firm to embrace a digital-first approach.

Take advantage of cloud security, the removal of manual data input and the ability to work anytime, anywhere.  

The first step, make your accounting and bookkeeping services as streamlined as possible.

Instantly, you gain competitive edge whilst managing a bigger workload, without the fear of making mistakes. Not only that, you’ll reduce operational giving you more valuable time with your clients on more time consuming tasks.

Mobile access is a new emerging trend for a more convenient solution for working professionals.  


By embrace automation, professionals can eliminate manual errors and time-consuming processes with real-time responsive solution, by giving them more time to focus on advisory services.

Offering and focusing on advisory service allows a firm to build long-lasting relationships.

It’s not surprising that  76% of accountants expect advisory services to make the bulk of their revenue in five years.  

It’s That Easy Really!

What Do You Focus On When Choosing An Accounting Software?

Any well-oiled system is one that can boast its accounting and financial abilities – or the capability to aggregate important data about cashflow at a glance.

Having this module in an ERP software also allows users across the company to perform simpler invoicing, send in expenses, approve or reject those expenses, view online banking data, perform reconciliation and more.

  • Financial Reporting; Having a separate financial accounting or banking digital solutions adds more man-hours and increases the chances of human error with manual data input and reporting. With the added element of financial reporting and overview, businesses can accurately forecast revenue streams much more accurately. And being available as one system, can save valuable time, money and decrease the chances of inaccuracy. Enterpryze incorporates simple but powerful accounting. Think “Chart of accounts, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reporting”.
  • Chart of Account & Journal Entry; Simple but powerful accounting. Chart of accounts, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reporting should be the most basic inclusion in an accounting feature.
  • Bank Reconciliation: The headache of bank reconciliation – vanished! Perform auto-matched bank reconciliation with your bank with a simple click. Beware – not all ERP software providers offer!
  • Expenses: Usually an integrated add on. Most businesses don’t realise that having an expenses management feature is a headache avoided. No need for another software – manage all your business’ company expenses through our accounting feature.
  • Online Banking: Not all accounting features include online, real-time bank feeds and force businesses to keep track of all business transactions. Don’t switch from screen to screen. Enterpryze integrates your local bank feed straight to your home dashboard.
  • Sales & Purchasing: Set up customer & supplier records than create sales and purchasing invoices easily.

When it comes to Accounting software for businesses, there is no room for error with inventory capabilities.

Not only do you need one which offers accurate and intensive stock reports at the end of the day – end-to-end traceability of your stock’s whereabouts is important too.

  • Order Management; Track every item from when you order it from your supplier to when you sell it to your customer across multiple locations. Order management is a digital way to manage the lifecycle of an order.
  • Stock Management; We’ve learned now that the management of stock is an integral feature of inventory software.
  • Warehouse Management; Running the day-to-day operations of warehouses. At a high level, this includes receiving and organising stock in multiple warehouses, managing stock storage and picking and packing activities in a warehouse, even scheduling employees.

Why Enterpryze?

Enterpryze is an easy business and accounting software that saves you valuable time, gives you instant reports and has simple scheduling features that will help your business soar in 2022.

But how you ask? It’s simple. Here at Enterpryze, we understand business. We have been working with SMBsince 2016 and connect SMBs with their most trusted partners. So we know what we’re talking about..  

Free Trial Available

Connect To Your Business Bank

Easy To Get Started

24/7 Customer Support

Transparent Pricing Plans

Want to know the most important piece of advice? Contact one of our Enterpryze Experts and schedule a live demo.

It is 30 minutes and scheduled to suit you. Our associates will even personalise the experience for you to suit you and your business. Want to see something specific?

We can arrange that. You have done the research, now see it live in action. 

Ready? Let Enterpryze get your business ready for 2022.

Talk to our Enterpryze Experts to see how your business can unlock maximum margins and greater productivity across all operations.

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